What is VBS?

VBS is our Vacation Bible School experience we provide every summer! At First Christian Church, VBS is designed for kids to encounter Christ through worship, interactive teaching, and small groups with their unique needs and maturity in mind. Kids who attend VBS will leave the week with not only a great experience, but also the teachings and foundation to further amplify Christ’s call on their lives.

The demand for family ministry has continued to increase within America's churches over the past decade. Many of today's church leaders realize the importance of a purposeful discipleship tactic for young people by reaching not only the child but also reaching the family. Kids need our attention, space, and resources today more than ever! They need teaching that is specific to their age group - not too young (or "boring," as they would say it) and not too old. First Christian Church's VBS exists to provide a relevant, engaging, and modern experience for kids to know Christ and return home ready to have spiritual conversations and grow.

Why Elementary Age Kids?

We believe that VBS fits the needs of kids in elementary school perfectly! They're at an age where they're starting to form friendships, form a relationship with Christ, take hold of what faith is, and can fully understand the reality of God - they're beginning to own their own beliefs. They're moving away from short easy answers and toward a life-changing faith that requires specific communication.

It’s natural for them to begin asking questions like: “What am I good at?” and “Where do I fit in?” Those questions deserve authentic and caring responses.

Every kid has an invitation to follow Jesus!

We hope that VBS provides an excellent tool for your family in continuing to know God and become followers of Christ.


What ages can attend VBS?

Last years, our VBS programming was designed to include kids ages 3 through 5th grade.

How long is a day of VBS?

We schedule our VBS programming in the morning from 9-12 on Monday through Friday.

Should my child bring any money?

Every year we have a mission we support. Kids can feel free to bring money to help support our mission. But there will be no need for money other than the mission.

Does VBS provide First Aid if a child is injured?

In the event of a child being injured, we have first aid kits placed in each room our church. We will only handle injuries such as cuts or scrapes. We will notify parents of minor injuries at pick up. However, if there is a more severe injury, (allergic reaction, sickness, etc.) parents will be notified immediately, and we will call for secondary medical attention. A volunteer will fill out an Incident Report Form, and the person picking up the child will receive it.

How do your check-in and check-out processes work?

Safety and security are some of our highest priorities. One way we meet these priorities is with a quality check-in and check-out process. 

Upon arrival, parents/guardians will approach the check-in booth to receive a "check-out ticket" half of the ticket will go to the parent/guardian while the other half will go to the child's group leader. Parents/guardians will make a name tag for their child, and the child will be guided to their seating area. 

During check-out, parents/guardians will wait out in the lobby and present their tickets one at a time. A volunteer will call their child's name, and the child will meet their parent/guardian at out check-out door where both parties will present their half of the check-out ticket. If an adult shows up to claim a child without a check-out ticket, we will call the parent/guardian on their registration form. The parent/guardian will be asked to provide the name of the person who is permitted to pick up their child. Following the provided name, the adult will show photo identification. This ensures that we are releasing the child to the correct adult.

Do you have to be a member of First Christian Church to attend VBS? 

You do not need to be a member of FCC to attend VBS. We welcome all children, three years of age through the completion of 5th grade, to attend VBS.

How much does it cost to attend VBS?

VBS is entirely free of charge!

What do I do if I need to pick up my child early?

Show up at the front desk where your child was checked in at, and a volunteer will retrieve your child for pick up.