At First Christian Church, communion is an act of worship. It’s a time to pause, reflect on our relationship with God, repent (or simply, choose to turn away from sin), and remember what Jesus did for us on the cross.


•  We provide a time of reflection in every service for people to take communion. Simply grab a communion cup on the way to your seat.


•  We also encourage people to take communion on their own time. When Jesus provided instructions for communion, He said, "As often as you take it." So, we see it being part of the early Church’s regular practice, appearing to be part of both large and small gatherings. We want to follow the same example, intentionally reflecting on who Jesus is and what He’s done through communion as we gather on Sundays, but also throughout the week with our families and groups.




•  No problem—and no pressure.


•  You’re welcome whether you’re not sure what you believe about God, or you are a committed follower of Christ. If you haven’t yet started following Jesus, then communion should wait.